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სიახლეები პუბლიკაციები კვლევები სიახლეების გამოწერა

Conference on the “Intellectual Property in Internet”

On the 5th of March, 2014, in the 1st building of Tbilisi State University was held the conference on the topic “Intellectual Property in Internet”. The conference was held within the ELSA days, which is annually celebrated in 300 Universities of 41 countries in March month.

The conference was organized by the ELSA - European Law Students Association in cooperation with Georgian Copyright Association.  The partners of the event were the European Council, National Intellectual Property Center “Sakpatenti”, Tbilisi State University, Law firms: “BLC” and MKD- Mgaloblishvili, Kipiani, Dzidziguri.

The participants of the conference were professional lawyers, experts and as well as students, who gave speeches on interesting and relevant topics, such as International Standards of Copyright Protection in Internet Space and Foreign Court Practices, Copyright Protection onCollective Management Basis and Trade Marks in Internet; Music Business and Copyright Protection in “YouTube’ and “Google”, as well as “Facebook” and others.