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სიახლეები პუბლიკაციები კვლევები სიახლეების გამოწერა

The inheritors of Gvardjaladzes Demand the Protection of their Copyright

The inheritors of Tamar and Isidore Gvardjaladzes applied to the Georgian Copyright Association with the request of protect their copyright.

The issue is related to the unpermitted usage of the English-Georgian and Georgian –English dictionaries, created by Gvardjaladzes. The dictionaries has been used by the internet portal  As the applicants state, the dictionaries allocated and accessible at the portal is the complete analogy the Gvardjaladzes’ dictionary.

In purpose of learning the issue and regulate the dispute, GCA applied to the administration of the portal, however negotiations gave no outcome. Due to the no results, the portal has been sued by the Georgian Copyright Association.