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სიახლეები პუბლიკაციები კვლევები სიახლეების გამოწერა

TV Show “Nashuadgevs” (Afternoon) was Dedicated to the Copyright Theme Fairy Tale

The Public Broadcaster TV show “Nashuadgevs” was dedicated to the fairy tale created on copyright themae. The show guests were Nato Davitashvili- the tale creator, Davit Evgenidze – musician and Giga Kobaladze - Chairman of Georgian Copyright Association. 

The book of tales  “Meme, Meme  - Let’s Find” was created by the initiative of Georgian Copyright Association for the children under school age and primary classes of educational establishments.  The book is aimed on introduction of the copyright to the children and provide relevant explanations. The book’s main character is a Ladybird Meme, which travels is fairy world with children and tells the copyright stories.

The Author of the story-book is Nato Davitashvili, the illustrations are made by Masho Margishvili. The book will be distributed for free in establishments under The Ministry of Education and Science, Culture and Sports of Georgia, and in schools and pre-school educational establishments, through the support of Tbilisi City Municipality.

Significant news is that children will have the opportunity to watch and listen to the book, and not just read. This is possible through downloading of the special application OVERLY in phones and tablets, and by zooming the tale characters with special symbols, the characters “liven up” and tell the stories to the children by themselves.   

The book is voiced by Mariam Sologashvili, Roma Bejitashvili, Mersi Sulkhanishvili and Niko Kankia. For the soundtrack of the books is used the children’s song by Nana Kalandze.