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სიახლეები პუბლიკაციები კვლევები სიახლეების გამოწერა

New Hotline Activated At the Association

New hotline will be activated at the GCA.  

Regarding this on 3rd August, 2011, Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was established between the GCA and Information Center 09. MoU was signed by the GCA Chairman, Giga Kobaldze and the Information Center Executive Director - Lasha Loladze.

Through the hotline, authors, performers and other interested persons will have the opportunity to inform the GCA on any kind of infringements regarding authors’ and performers’ rights, as well as to receive the online free consultation on copyright issues.

The new hotline will support to reveal and eliminate the infringements, to protect authors and performers rights more effectively and to increase awareness on copyright issues among the society.

The hotline connection will be available from September 1st, 2011.