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სიახლეები პუბლიკაციები კვლევები სიახლეების გამოწერა

Georgian Public Broadcaster Has Acquired the License of Copyright Use

17th of August 2001, the license agreement was signed between the Georgian Copyright Association and Georgian Public Broadcaster. On the basis of the license, royalties will be collected for the usage of copyrights, which will be distributed to the authors through the Georgian Copyright Association. The royalty will be paid by the TV channels: Georgian Public Broadcaster, First Channel, the First Caucasian, Second Channel, and by the radio channels: Radio of Georgia - First Channel and Georgian Radio - Radio 2.

Acquisition of such type of license by a broadcaster is the first precedent in Georgia. According to it, the usage of copyrights without permission will be reduced on television and radio and each author will get his/her honoraria. The index of copyright protection in Georgia will increase and it will facilitate to the development of the culture of copyrights’ legal usage.

The agreement was signed by the General Director of Georgian Public Broadcaster, Giorgi Chanturia and by the Chairman of Georgian Copyright Association, Giga Kobaladze.