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05.04.2021 / “Business Partner” regarding Copyright

On the 5th April 2021, TV program “Business Partner” hosted a show about Copyright on the channel...

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27.01.2021 / Pandemic and Copyright

On the 27th of January 2021, TV program “BUSINESS MEDIA GEORGIA” hosted...

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03.12.2020 / Everyone has something to remember

The Memory Book about Giya Kancheli will be published soon. The book consists of the stories...

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02.10.2020 / Memory Book about Giya Kancheli

The association is going to publish a Memory Book about Giya Kancheli. The book consists of the stories from the life of Kancheli, the ones which...

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15.09.2020 / Copyright Morning

On 15th of September 2020, a TV channel “Mtavari” devoted TV show “Your Morning” to copyright issues. The guest on the show...

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