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25.01.2019 / Stay With Me - English version of “Tbiliso” or Copyright Infringement?

The Song “Stay with Me” performed by a famous British jazz singer Gery Scott...

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25.01.2019 / “Dila Mshvidobisa Sakartvelo” was dedicated to Copyright

On the 25 of January, 2019, The Rustavi 2 TV show “Dila Mshvidobosa...

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22.01.2019 / „Shuadge Mesameze“ TV Show on Copyright

On the 22 of January 2019, TV show „Shuadge Mesameze“ were dedicated...

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21.12.2018 / MoU Established Between Association and IKA Award

On the 21st of 2018, between the Georgian Copyright Association and ‘IKA Award” NGO  was established the Memorandum...

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19.10.2018 / Presentation of the Copyright Fair Tale

On the 18th of October, At the Tbilisi City Council was presented the copyright...

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