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21.12.2018 / MoU Established Between Association and IKA Award

On the 21st of 2018, between the Georgian Copyright Association and ‘IKA Award” NGO  was established the Memorandum...

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19.10.2018 / Presentation of the Copyright Fair Tale

On the 18th of October, At the Tbilisi City Council was presented the copyright...

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18.10.2018 / Tbilisi Hosted the Audiovisual World Conference

On 16th and 17th of October, 2018, at Room Hotel, Tbilisi was held the Dramatic, Literature...

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09.10.2018 / TV Show “Nashuadgevs” (Afternoon) was Dedicated to the Copyright Theme Fairy Tale

The Public Broadcaster TV show “Nashuadgevs” was dedicated to the fairy tale created on copyright...

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06.09.2018 / Meme, Meme - Let’s Find! – a Fairy Tale Collection on Copyright

“Meme, Meme - Let’s Find!” is a collection of fairy tales intended for the children...

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