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16.03.2015 / “Samotkhis Vashlebi” TV show about the Copyright

On the 16th of March, at the Georgian Public Broadcasted TV show “Samotkhis Vashlebi” was dedicated to the discussion of copyright and neighboring rights. The guests of the Show were...

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14.03.2015 / GCA started the Licensing Process in Regions

On the 15th of March, 2015, the representatives of Georgian Copyright Association, at the Gori State Teaching University ...

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13.03.2015 / “Free Space” about the Copyright

On the 13th of March, 2015, The Gori TV “DIA” TV show “Free Space” was dedicated to the copyright and neighboring right thematic.   The guest of the TV show was Mr. Giga Kobaladze ... 

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05.03.2015 / TV program “Pirispir” about the Copyright

The TV company “Obiektivi” program  “Pirispir” was dedicated to the issues of Copyright.  The TV program guest Giga Kobaladze, the Chairman of Georgian Copyright 

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29.01.2015 / „Komunikatori“ for Copyright

On the 29th of January, 2015, the program of Georgian Public Broadcaster „Komunikatori“ was dedicated to the copyright issues. The guests of the program were...

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