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29.01.2015 / „Komunikatori“ for Copyright

On the 29th of January, 2015, the program of Georgian Public Broadcaster „Komunikatori“ was dedicated to the copyright issues. The guests of the program were...

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20.01.2015 / Anti piracy Strategy Meeting with the Sound Recording Studios

On the 20th of January, 2015, The Georgian Copyright Association hosted the anti piracy meeting with the participation of sound recording studios. The meeting was organised by...

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16.01.2015 / The Control against Copyright Infringement is going Stricter

With the initiative of the National Intellectual Property Centre Sakpatenti and Georgian Copyright Association, the new anti piracy strategy is to be elaborated and...

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21.11.2014 / „Sakmiani Dila“ for Copyright

On the 21th of November, 2014, the program of TV Maestro „Sakmiani Dila“ was dedicated to the copyright issues. The guest of the program was...

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17.10.2014 / “Your Time” – “Tkveni Dro” Dedicated to Copyright Topics

On the 17th of October, the “Caucasus” TV show “Your Time” was dedicated to the copyright topics...

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