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13.08.2013 / GCA will protect musical group “Kuchis Bichebi’s” Copyright

Musical group “Kuchis Bichebi” applied to Georgian Copyright Association with the request of their copyright protection...

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30.07.2013 / The License for Galaktion’s works’ usage will be issued by GCA

The works of Galaktion Tabidze will be copyright protected by GCA. Galaktion’s inheritors...

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29.07.2013 / “Hot Afternoon” TV show was Dedicated to the Copyright Protection

On the 29th of July, 2013, the TV show “Hot Afternoon” was dedicated to the copyright protection...

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25.07.2013 / The Process of Copyright Licensing is Launched in Regions

After the long process of meetings and information campaigns on copyright protection conducted in 2012 in the regions of Georgia...

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24.07.2013 / The EU Appreciates the Free Trade Negotiation Process

A statement on the deep and comprehensive free trade negotiations between the EU and Georgia was released on the official website of the European Union...

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