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23.03.2020 / Meridiani about GCA’s Activities

On the 23rd of March, 2020, the TV show Meridiani was dedicated to the activities of Georgian Copyright...

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22.03.2020 / USMINE TOP 7 on Vinyl

“Dila Msvhidobisa Sakartvelo Ukmeebze” (Good Morning on Weekends Georgia) was dedicated...

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20.03.2020 / “Pirvleamde” TV show about Giya Kancheli

TV Show “Pirvelamde” (Before One o’clock) of March 20, 2020, was dedicated to the Book of Memories around...

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04.03.2020 / Giya Kancheli Memory Book

“Sheni Dila” (Your Morning) of 04.03.2020 was dedicated to the new project of the Association. The guests of the TV show were Gogi...

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01.03.2020 / USMINE TOP 7 New project of GCA

“Dilis Show” (Morning Show) of 01.03.2020 was dedicated to the new project of GCA USMINE TOP 7. The guests of the TV show...

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