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13.10.2012 / GCA Initiated Seminar was Delivered

Georgian Copyright Association and National Intellectual Property Center” Sakpatenti” delivered the training for the acting judges and lawyers. The seminar was held in Sighnagi on the 12-13th of October...

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25.09.2012 / The Gogi Dolidze Album Was Produced with Copyright Protection

“Bravo Records” released the album of the famous Georgian performer Gogi Dolidze.  The album consists the famous songs performed by Gogi Dolidze and are recorded with new musical arrangements...

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28.08.2012 / Charity Concerts Held by the GCA Initiative

On the 16th and 27th of August, 2012, through the initiative of GCA, in Borjomi, Bakuriani, Akhaldaba and Kechkhobi were held the charity concerts...

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25.08.2012 / Photographers Demand the Protection of their Rights

The Georgian photographers disseminated the information on the copyright infringement...  

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25.07.2012 / Between the GCA and the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia the Memorandum Was Established

On the 25th of July, between the GCA and Ilya Chavchavadze National Parliamentary Library of Georgia was established the Memorandum of Cooperation...

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