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30.05.2012 / GCA will protect the Georgian Composer’s Copyright

Composer Gogi Chlaidze applied to GCA for protection of his copyright...

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29.05.2012 / The Press Conference Dedicated to the Meetings in Regions

Georgian Copyright Association launched the series of meeting in Regions in purpose to increase the awareness regarding the copyright condition in Georgia...

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25.05.2012 / The “Copyright” Magazine Second Edition Presentation

On the 25th of May, 2012, at 20:00, in the building of the Public Library of the Georgian Parliament, was held the presentation of the second edition of the “Copyright” Magazine...

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24.05.2012 / Second Edition of the “Copyright” Magazine

The second edition of the “Copyright” magazine is upcoming. The magazine is issued by the copyright association...

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24.05.2012 / ჟურნალ Copyright-ის მეორე ნომერი

საავტორო უფლებების შესახებ ჟურნალ Copyright-ის მეორე ნომერი გამოვა. ჟურნალი საავტორო უფლებათა ასოციაციის მიერ გამოიცემა...

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