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26.04.2012 / Within A Campaign “Do Not Violate Copyright” Was Held the Warning Action

On the 26th of April, at the World Intellectual Property Day, within the campaign “Do Not Violate the Copyright” launched by GCA, was held the warning action aimed at the elimination of the release...

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26.04.2012 / The Next General Assembly Meeting Will Be Held on May 11, 2012

The next General Assembly Meeting of the Georgian Copyright Association will be held at the small hall of Shota Rustaveli Dramatic Theater...

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16.04.2012 / GCA Will Protect Copyright of Nunu Dughashvili’s

Composer, Nunu Dughashvili applied to GCA with the request of receiving her honoraria...

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12.04.2012 / Amiran Shalikashvili’s Copyright Will Be Protected by GCA

Head of Tbilisi pantomime theater, Mr. Amiran Shalikashvili accuses his former student, currently working in USA as an actor, Paata Tsikurishvili in copyright infringement...

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10.04.2012 / Copyright of Gia Zaridze Will be Protected by GCA

The choreographer Gia Zaridze accuses the sport-ball dances federation in his copyright infringement...

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