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02.03.2012 / Dispute between the “Sukhishvilis” and “Rustavi” Ensembles Are Regulated by the GCA

Dispute between the “Sukhishvilebi” and “Rustavi” regarding the dance “Juta” was examined by the GCA...

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27.02.2012 / “Artists’ Professional Union of Georgia” Obtained the Copyright License

On the 27th of February, 2012 was established the license agreement between the GCA and “Artists’ Professional Union of Georgia”...

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24.02.2012 / “Bravo Records” Demands the Prohibition of Illegal Content Allocation at the Georgian Websites

The sound record company “Bravo Records” demanded the prohibition of illegal allocation of Tamta Tskhvitava’s music album at the Georgian web sites. The album was published by the “Bravo records”...

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20.02.2012 / “Audience” TV Show on Copyright

On the 20th of February, 2012, in the TV talk show “Audience”, the Chairman of the Georgian Copyright Association (GCA), Giga Kobaladze talked about the current reforms within the GCA..

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15.02.2012 / Nino Samkharadze’s Copyright Will Be Protected by GCA

Nino Sakharadze accuses the “Ardi” insurance company in her copyright infringement.

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