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20.01.2012 / GCA magazine - “Copyright” Presented at “Imedis Dila” TV show

On the 18th of January, 2012, at the TV show “Imedis Dila” was presented the magazine - “Copyright”, published by the Georgian Copyright Association (GCA)...

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20.01.2012 / Presentation of the Magazine - “Copyright”

On the 20th of January, at “Tbilisi Event Hall” was held the presentation of the Magazine - “Copyright”, published by the Georgian Copyright Association (GCA). The project was implemented by the financial assistance

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18.01.2012 / Magazine - “Copyright”

The magazine – “Copyright” - the pioneer in this field, dedicated to copyrights issues will be published soon by the Georgian Copyright Association (GCA)...

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11.01.2012 / GCA Summarized the 2011 Annual Activity Results

On the 11th of January, 2012, the Georgian Copyright Association (GCA) held the press conference, where GCA presented the 2011 activities’ report...

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11.01.2012 / The Legal Measures Against Copyright Infringement will be Strengthened

The representatives of Georgian creative art demand the activation of more effective mechanisms for copyright protection. The issue is related to the activation of the fining sanctions for copyright infringement guaranteed by the Georgian L

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