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11.01.2012 / The Legal Measures Against Copyright Infringement will be Strengthened

The representatives of Georgian creative art demand the activation of more effective mechanisms for copyright protection. The issue is related to the activation of the fining sanctions for copyright infringement guaranteed by the Georgian L

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27.12.2011 / “Do Not Infringe Copyrights” - Music Album Presentation

On the 27th of December, 2011 the music album - “Do not infringe copyrights” presentation was held at the Ministry of Culture and Monument protection of Georgia...

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26.12.2011 / “Do Not Infringe Copyright” - Music Album Presentation at the “Dgis Show”

On December 26, 2011, on Imedi TV “Dgis Show” program was presented the music album CD - created by the GCA initiative...

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23.12.2011 / “Do not Infringe Copyrights” - Music Album

“Do not Infringe Copyrights” - music album with participation of famous Georgian authors and performers will be published soon...

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14.12.2011 / GCA Stands Up for Goga Chanadiri’s Copyright Protection

Photo reporter Goga Chanadiri accuses the “Klio” publishing house in copyright infringement...

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