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14.06.2011 / GCA Leadership Meets With the Regional TV Broadcasters Representatives

On 14th of June, 2011, Georgian Copyright Association (Former Georgian Authors’ Society) leadership met with the management of Georgian regional TV Broadcasters at the “Sakpatenti” office...

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13.06.2011 / “Shua Dge” Show Was Dedicated to the Copyright Issues

At the Rustavi 2 TV show “Shua Dge”, Chairman of GCA (former SAS) - Giga Kobaladze talked on importance and challenges in the copyrights field, as well as on functions and reforms in the GCA...

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08.06.2011 / Tbilisi Open Air With Licensed Music

On 8th of June, 2011 the Georgian Authors’ S Society and Alter Vision Group signed the mutual license  agreement on usage of copyright...

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03.06.2011 / GCA Chairman Meets With Cable TV Representatives

On 3rd of June, 2011 Georgian Author’s Society  -  SAS held a meeting with the representatives of Cable TV-s (Silk Net, Global TV, Super TV and others) at the “Sakpatenti” office. The meeting was dedicated...

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02.06.2011 / Kakha Tsiskaridze Applied To the GCA For Assistance

Kakha Tsiskaridze blamed the international cosmetics and clothes producer companies in infringements...

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