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“Georgian Copyright Association” has been created and functioning on the basis of “Georgian Law on Copyright and Related Rights”.

The Association was established in 1999 as a legal successor of the “Georgian Authors and Performers Association” (GESAP) and “Georgian Authors Society” (SAS), which renewed its registration in the year 2006.

The Association has been granted the special status of the collective management organization by the Ministry of Justice of Georgia, and is the only organization in the country with this status.

The Association is a non-profit (non commercial) legal union, created to implement and protect the rights of its member authors and performers, or their successors.

The key function of the Association is the collective management of authors and performers rights within the Georgian territory. For the above mentioned the Association:

  • Represents and protects the interests of authors’ and performers’ rights holders
  • Monitors usage of copyrighted works
  • Fights against the illegal usage of authors’ and performers’ rights
  • Grants licenses for usage of copyrighted works and related rights in Georgia
  • On the basis of reciprocal representation agreements  with foreign similar type societies, carries out collective management function of foreign authors’ and performers’ rights within the Georgian territory
  • Collects license fees and distributes royalties to authors and performers
  • Drafts legislative amendments for improving legal regulation mechanisms for legislative and executive authorities in the field of copyright and related rights

At the Georgian territory, our Association represents and protects the rights of more than 5 million authors registered in more than 150 countries and territories throughout the world.

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