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სიახლეები პუბლიკაციები კვლევები სიახლეების გამოწერა

The association organized a concert at the occupation line

On the 25th of September, through the organization of the association and support of the Shida Kartli Administration of the State Representative, at the public school yard of village Mereti  - bordering the occupation line was held a concert.


Singers Dato Goamrteli, Lela Tsurtsumia, Neka Sebiskveradze, Nodiko Tatishvili, Maka Zambakhidze, Oto Nemsadze, Giorgi Sukhitashvili, Tika Jamburia and Nka Machaidze participated in the concert.


With this concert, the Association congratulate to the local children with the start of the new academic year and stated the open support to the population damaged by the Russian occupation.


The concerts is a part of a #notontellectoccupation campaign.


The campaign has been going on for several months against the Russian influence in the field of copyright and creation of the illegal organization on purpose though the support of Russia.