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28.07.2015 / UEFA Super Cup Final with the Licensed Music

On the 28th of July, 2015, the agreement was signed for the usage of licensed music at the UEFA Super Cup...

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25.07.2015 / Olympic Game Festival Opening with Licensed Music

On the 25th of July, 2015, was established the license agreement for using the licensed music at the opening ceremony of the...

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20.07.2015 / GCA Applies to the Investigative Bodies with Copyright Protection Purposes

Nikoloz Jorjaneli, the heir and right-holder of the famous Georgian translator Giorgi Jorjaneli, applied to Georgian Copyright Association with ...

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03.07.2015 / Manana Menabde Demands the Copyright Protection

Famous musician and singer Manana Menabde applied to Georgian Copyright Association with the request of...

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03.07.2015 / Regulation of Performers’ Rights is Actively Ongoing

On the 3rd of July 2015, the TV show “Shuadge at GDS” was dedicated to the copyright issues in general. The TV show guests were Giga Kobaladze - Chairman of Georgian Copyright Association and...

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