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18.04.2015 / Workshop Meeting with Musicians

On the 18th of April 2015, at the training center of “Sakpatenti” was held the meeting with Georgian musicians.  The meeting was held within frames of events dedicated ...

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17.04.2015 / The Winner of the Music Contest Revealed

The winner of the music contest dedicated to the International Intellectual Property day is Mamuka (Peke) Begashvili’s musical composition.The winner prize - a joint award from “Sakpatenti”... 

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17.04.2015 / Gudiashvili and Firosmani used in Design

The designer used the paintings of Gudiashvili and Firosmani in his personal works. Does he have the right for

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06.04.2015 / Music Contest on Composing the Anthem

As regards the World Intellectual Property Day, celebrated on 26th of April, the “Sakpatenti” and GCA announce the joint contest on creation of the ...

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06.04.2015 / GCA representatives held meeting with the Georgian performers

On the 6th of April, GCA representatives held meeting with the Georgian performers. The theme of the meeting was the regulation of neighboring rights, which means the protection of performers’ copyright. The association will issue the

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