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28.02.2013 / Copyright Magazine Presented in the TV Show “Imedis Dila”

TV show “Imedis Dila” was dedicated the GCA “Copyright” magazine. The TV show guests were...

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27.02.2013 / Holiday Inn Hotel will Host the “Copyright” Magazine Presentation

On the 28th of February, at 20:00, at the hotel Holiday Inn will be held the presentation of the fifth edition of the “Copyright” magazine, issued by the Georgian Copyright Association...

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05.02.2013 / The TV stations purchased the copyright Licenses

 On the 5th of February, 2013, between the TV broadcasting companies and Georgian Copyright Association were established the license agreement. The agreements were signed by the Chairmen of TV companies and Giga Kobaladze, the Chairman

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23.01.2013 / The Association Representatives Met with the Writers

On the 23rd of January, 2013, at the Museum of Literature was held the meeting of Georgian Copyright Association with the writers and representatives of literature field (writers, poets, translators)...

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15.01.2013 / GCA Hosted the Press Conference Dedicated to the Association Meetings with the Representatives of Creative and Art field

Due to the copyright environment and in purpose to improve the copyright realization and protection, including the issues of membership of new creators...

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