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13.06.2011 / “Shua Dge” Show Was Dedicated to the Copyright Issues

At the Rustavi 2 TV show “Shua Dge”, Chairman of GCA (former SAS) - Giga Kobaladze talked on importance and challenges in the copyrights field, as well as on functions and reforms in the GCA...

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08.06.2011 / Tbilisi Open Air With Licensed Music

On 8th of June, 2011 the Georgian Authors’ S Society and Alter Vision Group signed the mutual license  agreement on usage of copyright...

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03.06.2011 / GCA Chairman Meets With Cable TV Representatives

On 3rd of June, 2011 Georgian Author’s Society  -  SAS held a meeting with the representatives of Cable TV-s (Silk Net, Global TV, Super TV and others) at the “Sakpatenti” office. The meeting was dedicated...

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02.06.2011 / Kakha Tsiskaridze Applied To the GCA For Assistance

Kakha Tsiskaridze blamed the international cosmetics and clothes producer companies in infringements...

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30.05.2011 / GCA Chairman Meets With the Radio Companies Representatives

On 30th of May the representatives of SAS -  Georgian Author’ Society met with the representatives of Radio Stations at the office of “Sakpatneti”...

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